Bible Lands As Classroom [2 DVD set]


The DVD series “Bible Lands as Classroom” presents a historical, cultural, and geographical context of the Bible. The script was written by Dr. Krijn van der Jagt and Dr. Ray Pritz. A group of United Bible Societies consultants specialized in Old Testament and New Testament reviewed the script. The DVD was filmed in various locations and contains authentic footage from sites such as the ancient cities of Ur, Nineveh, and Babylon in present day Iraq, as well as Susa and Persepolis in present day Iran. The series is a two-week training course for Bible translators. It can be used in part or in whole for different educational and ministerial functions by schools, colleges, and church groups. Bible Societies may offer the series for sale and use them for ministry and public relations.  

  • Ideal learning tool for those who have never visited the Land of the Bible
  • Detailed audiovisual picture of the context in which the biblical texts originated (geographical, sociopolitical, historical).
  • Developed by highly qualified Bible Translation Consultants 

The Bible Lands as Classroom series (two DVD set) is an excellent teaching tool for Bible translators, pastors, and people in general who would like to know more about biblical geography, history, and culture. Krijn van der Jagt and Ray Pritz scripted the series, which was filmed in Israel and the Middle East, including many ancient sites, and is a two-week training course for Bible translators. The DVDs include:

  • Part One: Geography, Climate, Agriculture
  • Part Two: From Abraham to Joshua
  • Part Three: From Joshua to Hezekiah
  • Part Four: From Hezekiah to Herod
  • Part Five: New Testament: The Gospels
  • Part Six: Spread of the Early Church in the Roman Empire
  • Part Seven: The Religions of the Ancient Near East
  • Part Eight: Bible Text and Canon
  • Presenter’s Manual: Background readings and exercises

The section on geography, climate, and agriculture includes topics such as: significant mountains, trade routes, wells, harvesting, and grinding. The other sections are on Old and New Testament history and culture, including topics such as kings, surrounding nations, important events, descriptions of the tabernacle, synagogues, burial practices, mourning, stoning, tools, fishing, etc. The seventh section describes the religions of the ancient tribes of the area and the Hebrew tabernacle and sacrificing customs. The eighth section is about the history of the Bible from ancient times to the present. An additional section, entitled ‘Presenter’s Manual,’ contains information about conducting the course and the reading assignments for each of the sections.

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Krijn van der Jagt and Ray Pritz
UBS Bible Land DVDs Volume 1
UBS Bible Land DVDs Volume 2


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