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The dilemma of the Bible translator is that the Bible is both a historical document and a literary document. That duality finds its way into every verse of every chapter of the Bible. The historicity of the text pulls the trans-lator toward formal (word-for-word, sentence-for-sentence) translation. The literary, rhetorical nature of the text pul...

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The Works of their Hands: Man Made Things in the Bible [Realia]

SKU: TH00391RL

It was not long after people were created that they began to manufacture objects to make life easier and more enjoyable. Adam is barely out of the garden of Eden when we read that Jubal was “the ancestor of all musicians who play the harp and the flute,” and that Tubal Cain “made all kinds of too...

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All Creatures Great and Small: Living things in the Bible [Fauna]

SKU: TH00381FN

Animals, birds, snakes, insects, and other creatures are mentioned very frequently in the Bible, especially in the poetic books of Job and Psalms, and in many of the prophets. This is to be expected, since the people of Israel lived in an environment that had not been modified to any great extent...

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Each According to Its Kind: Plants and Trees in the Bible [Flora]

SKU: TH00407FL

The cedars of Lebanon get plenty of rain—the Lord's own trees, which he planted.
There the birds build their nests; the storks nest in the fir trees. (Ps 104:16-17)

Richly illustrated with color photographs and drawings, this book classifies and describ...

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Hebrew Poetry in the Bible - A Guide for Understanding and for Translating

SKU: TH00373HP

In most translation projects translators begin by translating the New Testament. When this job is done they move on to trans¬late the Old Testament. By this time translators may be quite experienced, having spent three or four years working with bibli¬cal texts and actively applying translation p...

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