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The translations program of the United Bible Societies exists to provide assistance to translators so that translations of Scriptures will be of the highest quality possible. This assistance comes in the form of skilled consultants, the provision of high quality Hebrew and Greek texts of the Old and New Testaments, and throug...

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Politeness and Addressee Honorifics In Bible Translation [No 11]


This volume, number 11 in the series, written by Dr. Ji-Youn Cho as her Ph.D. dissertation at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (2008), addresses an issue of great importance to translators in the Asia Pacific Area: the translation of the Bible into languages with honorifics. As the author states in t...

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Anthropological Approaches to the Interpretation of the Bible [No. 8]

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The general aim of this book is to introduce anthropological approaches to the interpretation of the Bible. The Bible is a collection of books that can be studied from several angles. As the Holy Scripture of Jewish and Christian believers it is received as revelation of God and as a source of fa...

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Souls under the Altar: Relevance Theory and the Discourse Structure of Revelation [No. 9]


The structure of John’s Apocalypse, perhaps because it protrudes tan-talizingly to the surface of the text, has been analyzed so frequently and with such varying results that another attempt requires a degree of justi-fication. This present study arose for two reasons. First was my need, during m...

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Structure and Orality in 1 Peter - A Guide for Translators [No. 10]

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When we listen to traditional storytelling or poetry recitation, we are affected by the interplay of the sound, the word meanings, and their patterns; these are inseparable in a subtle way we seldom notice. One of the times we think about the interplay is when features of a story or poem lose the...

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