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Deuterocanonical Handbooks Set


Representative image only. The books are papaerbacks

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A Handbook on 1-2 Maccabees


A Handbook on 1-2 Maccabees is part of the UBS Handbook Series. Like other books in the series, this Handbook is a verse-by-verse commentary that concentrates on exegetical, historical, cultural, and linguistic problems related to the translation of 1-2 Maccabees. Even though the authors onl...

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A Handbook on Sirach (Ecclesiasticus)

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There is no doubt as to the author of this book. In 50.27 the writer identifies himself as “Jesus the son of Sirach, son of Eleazar.” He appears to have been a professional scribe or scholar, probably a resident of Jerusalem. We may assume that he was well-to-do, although not rich ...

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A Handbook on The Shorter Books of the Deuterocanon

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The book of Baruch (also known as 1 Baruch) is presented as a message that Baruch, the companion of the prophet Jeremiah, sent from Babylon to the religious authorities in Jerusalem. There are three distinct parts to this message: prayers (1....

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A Handbook on the Wisdom of Solomon

SKU: DC02012WS

In its Latin translation, this book is titled simply “The Book of Wisdom,” and most Catholic sources call it by that name. In Greek, it is entitled “The Wisdom of Solomon,” and this title is usually used in Protestant versions of the Apocrypha. Either title is acceptable. It is almost universally...

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A Handbook on 1-2 Esdras

SKU: DC02043MC1-2

Translating 1 Esdras

Name of the book
Ancient Judaism produced a number of books that have been associated in some way with the biblical figure of Ezra. (“Esdras” is simply the Greek form of the Hebrew name “Ezra.”) The names given these books can be ...

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A Handbook on Tobit and Judith

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Tobit is a devout Jew living in Nineveh. He becomes blind after performing the good deed of burying a fellow Jew who had been executed. Later he sends his son Tobias with the angel Raphael to claim some money being held for him. Tobias does this, and returns home with a wife, a you...

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A Handbook on 3-4 Maccabees


Name and status of 3 Maccabees

The book known as 3 Maccabees, which was written and preserved in Greek, has nothing to do with the family of the Maccabees, whose story is told in 1-2 Maccabees. This story takes place about fifty years before the incidents in&n...

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