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The translations program of the United Bible Societies exists to provide assistance to translators so that translations of Scriptures will be of the highest quality possible. This assistance comes in the form of skilled consultants, the provision of high quality Hebrew and Greek texts of the Old and New Testaments, and through publications such as a handbook series and the quarterly journal The Bible Translator. In addition, UBS translation personnel have written a number of books that are landmarks in the development of translation theory.

In addition to the above, UBS initiated the UBS Monograph Series in 1986 to provide a new outlet for significant research in the field of translation, particularly Bible translation. Ten volumes have been published so far and are listed at the beginning of this volume.

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Politeness and Addressee Honorifics In Bible Translation [No 11]
Anthropological Approaches to the Interpretation of the Bible [No. 8]
Souls under the Altar: Relevance Theory and the Discourse Structure of Revelation [No. 9]
Structure and Orality in 1 Peter - A Guide for Translators [No. 10]

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